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NZ Casual Encounters Dating Advice To Hookup More Sex!

When most people think of having casual encounters the first thing that comes to mind is the opportunity to have sex whenever you like without being in a relationship.

And while this is certainly a benefit it’s not the only reason to consider having casual encounters.

Here are 17 reasons why casual encounters might work for you…

1. No Commitment

Whether we’re prepared to admit it or not, many of us are just no good at commitment.

While lifelong commitment and monogamous relationships are considered the norm in Western society, they’re just not for everyone.

Having casual encounters solves the problem by giving you the sex and friendship of a relationship without the commitment to just one person.

2. No Hassles

A lack of regular sex is a definite downside of being single.

Having casual encounters takes the hassle out of sex and saves you from boring nights at home, work or studying!

3. It’s Convenient

Knowing you have someone to call on for sex is certainly convenient – providing you’re both ‘free’ at the same time of course.

4. It’s Comfortable

There’s a certain comfort factor in knowing it’s casual.

Being casual means you get to have regular sex with someone you know as opposed to a random hookup in a night club!

5. You Know Each Other

As casual partners, you get to know each other reasonably well – likes and dislikes, tastes in music etc – and at some point have probably discussed sexual preferences and favourite sex positions etc.

While it may not seem much of a benefit on the surface, knowing each other makes your bedroom business so much easier.

6. You Get the Best of Both Worlds

Just the title ‘casual encounters’ says it all really.

The convenience of regular sex without the commitment of a relationship – what else is there to say?

7. You Can Still See Other People

Unlike other relationships, you (usually) don’t get in trouble if you sleep with someone else while also sleeping with your casual encounter.

Both of you are free to date and/or sleep with other people without the fighting and issues you have in other relationships.

8. No Hanging Out With People You Don’t Like

While you probably share certain friends with your casual encounter, unlike a committed relationship, you don’t have to hang out with people you don’t like.

9. No Dates or Other ‘Couples’ Stuff

If you hate the whole Sunday morning brunch, double-dates etc of a committed relationship, as casual encounters, you no longer have to do this stuff!

10. No Morning After Check Ins

Unlike dating, there’s no need for morning after check ins or sleepovers to worry about. Think of it as a safe one night stand you can enjoy on a regular basis.

11. No Mushy Phone Calls or Messages

All but the most romantic of people hate the mushy phone calls and messages that often come with a relationship. The good news – you don’t have to worry about them with casual encounters.

12. Less Emotional Involvement

While you still need to show your casual encounter some respect, there’s much less emotional involvement than there is with a date or relationship.

13. No Need for Pillow Talk

Definitely one for the guys… Having casual encounters takes away the need for pillow talk.

In fact, leaving once the deed is done is often encouraged by both parties!

14. No Need to Attend Family/Couple Events

Hands up who hates being dragged to family/couple events when you’re in a relationship? Yep, most of us do.

Unless it’s for a mutual friend, with casual encounters you get to avoid all this stuff.

15. Less Stress

Forget about having to ‘find’ someone to sleep with and the hassles that can come with it – having casual encounters takes all that stress away.

16. Your Past Doesn’t Matter

Another benefit of casual encounters is that your sexual history is just that – history!

17. The Sex!

Do you really need this one explained?